Happiness Conference 2020


Happiness is a serious issue. There is a growing body of science and research around happiness and well-being. This conference provides a platform for people to share the latest insights and inspire action.

Happiness can be a set of learnable skills. This conference aims to help the audience develop insights on choices that promote happiness and well-being. We can be happier. So can our family, workplace, and community. Join this conference now!

Do note that you have to RSVP to each event individually (click on the title to be led to the individual event pages :D).

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Webinars will take place across one weekend, staggering from 9am to 5pm on both days.

6 December
Mindfulness Matters,
The Gift of Looking Inward with Erin Lee
Gain insights on how to recognise the early signs of a burnout and break the habitual patterns of physical and emotional fatigue.

Gratitude Matters,
A Sharing with Ng Siew Yen

More than just being on task, get insights on how you can get ahead at work with the Happiness Advantage.

Dying Matters,
Happiness in the most unlikely time and place with Dr Chong Poh Heng

We dive in to look at happiness uncovered (and discovered) as life ends

Empathy Matters,
An Intervention by The Lion Mind

Have you struggled to empathise and wondered what exactly empathy is?
Join us to find out!

Recordings are available for the following events. You can find them on our Facebook page here.

12 November
Community Well-Being; Strengthening Our Social Capital for A Greater Singapore
Food for Thought: How is Community well-being important to you in your personal and professional capacity?

19 November
Youth Well-Being; Strengthening the Well-being of our Youth
Food for Thought: What are some necessary skills our youths need to strengthen their well-being?

26 November
Workplace Well-Being; The Secret Ingredient to Thriving Organisations
Food for Thought: How is Workplace Well-being culture important in creating a thriving organisation?

3 December
Nordics Well-Being; The Exceptionalism of Nordic Happiness
Food for Thought: What Nordic feature is replicable in other countries that others may not know?

5 December
Character Matters,
In Conversation with Angela Duckworth
Developing character through building interpersonal, intrapersonal, and intellectual strengths.

Eat, Play, Love Matters,
Tough Questions on Mental Well-being over Lunch and Play with Mental Dumbells
A Q&A game session with Mental Dumbells on questions around mental well-being.

Nature Matters,
Benefits for Physical and Mental Health with Dr Miina Öhman
Covering the positive association of exposure to nature and the improvement in mental and physical health in all age groups, with the most constantly shown benefits for child and adolescent mental health.

Happiness Matters,
Understanding the Serious Science of Happiness with Vanessa King
How can we practically apply research from the growing scientific research on happiness to help build our own and others’ resilience in uncertain times

Happiness Initiative is a social enterprise that translates the science of happiness and well-being into actions people can take.

Hence, helping people live a more fulfilling life and take a preventive approach towards mental health conditions.

We focus on three areas - raising awareness on the science of wellbeing, translating research into practice and programmes, and building a community that promotes the practice of wellbeing.

At NYC, we believe in a world where young people are respected and heard, and have the ability to influence and make a difference to the world. Together with our partners, we develop future-ready youth who are committed to Singapore by instilling in them a heart for service, resilience and an enterprising spirit.
Nov 12 - Dec 6, 2020
[ Thu ] - [ Sun ]
8:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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